Thou Shall Honor the Rest Day

Last week was pretty great in terms of getting workouts in. Tuesday and Thursday were running days (5-6 miles each day) and Wednesday, Friday, Saturday were CrossFit days. And this week’s CrossFit workouts were pretty killer, with Saturday’s being the one that literally left me on the floor for a solid minute after it was done. I thought I was going to die from an overdose on burpees.

Still catching my breath...

Still catching my breath…

Chrissy sent me this. True Life.

Chrissy sent me this. True Life.

Sunday was a planned rest day. Monday I woke up feeling not as refreshed as I would’ve liked. I guess 6 days in a row will do that. So I packed a bag for CrossFit, and figured I would see how the day went. Well 5:30pm came, I was still at work and my energy levels were not screaming “woohoo lets go lift heavy things!” So I texted my sister looking for either motivation or for the OK to take a (Gasp!) 2nd rest day in a row. I was so happy when she gave me permission to skip the workout. Her response held weight, as someone who I didn’t think knew the meaning of rest between CrossFit, learning how to do surgery on feet, and constantly having to fill divots in her yard thanks to Khole’s (her husky) digging. She said she recently took a couple days off and the result was a kick ass workout.

Chrissy: She's new to rest days too

Chrissy: She’s new to rest days too

And so I rested. I went home, I sat on my couch, I watched Jeopardy – I know, I seriously know how to rage. When the alarm blared at 5 o’clock this morning, thanks to me being a good rester (I know, not a real word) I didn’t feel the need to throw it out the window. Instead I got up, strapped on the Garmin, and hit the streets. It was a pretty awesome morning. Temps were in the high 40’s, there was no wind, and only a little bit of drizzling rain left. Mass Ave was busy with runners, which always makes being out there so early in the morning more fun knowing you’re not alone. I got home after 6 miles feeling really great and thinking, no wonder Chrissy got into med school, she’s so smart!

Between double rest days and an awesome run this AM, the day seemed to fly by and I had a good amount of energy. So much so that after a quick pit stop home to let miss Bailey out, I headed straight to CrossFit. Deadlifted like whoa tonight and it was awesome (I apologize for my overuse of the word awesome, I get overly excited sometimes).

Now, I know the past couple weeks this blog has seemed less Katie-born-to-run and more Katie-born-to- sometimes-run -and-CrossFit-and-eat-holiday-food. But Boston Marathon training officially starts next week so mentally prep yourself for lots of run reports soon enough.

Now your turn—Do you rest enough in between workouts? Have a good run lately? Training for anything? Happy Tuesday!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Best moment of this morning’s 27 degree run? Turning the corner off my street and seeing the Somerville Public works people out decorating the lampposts for the holidays. Winning! (do people still use this term anymore? I know, Charlie Sheen is so last week.)

Wreaths! Lights! Bows! Oh My!

Wreaths! Lights! Bows! Oh My!

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year. Even when people are having a bad day, when Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to town” comes on the radio, all of the sudden things seem better. That school of thought also applies to running in sub-freezing temperatures. Today’s pre-sunrise run included ear muffs, gloves, running tights, and a sweatshirt (I know all you lightweight, dri-fit people are probably cringing but sometimes when it’s this cold out a good ol’ hoodie is so cozy to run in). When I checked the temps after my alarm went off at 4:55 and read 27 degrees and 13mph wind, the tiniest part of me wanted to get right back under the covers and hit the snooze. BUT—a bigger part of me got really excited about listening to the Glee Holiday radio station on Pandora for the next 45 minutes – so off I went!


It helped that this past weekend kicked off some serious holiday sweating. Saturday was “Formal Wear Fran” at CrossFit. Those not familiar with CrossFit, “Fran” can be a bitch. And she doesn’t get any nicer when you try and attack her in a strapless dress. (“Fran”: 21-15-9 reps of Thrusters and Pull-ups for time). Despite the dress, I PR’d this workout by 2min 15 sec compared to when I did it (in normal workout attire) back in September. Yay for getting stronger! There was also a Paleo Potluck cook-off holiday party afterwards where I ate lots and lots of really awesome (and good for you) food!

Formal Wear Fran. We sweat with class.

Formal Wear Fran. We sweat with class.


Sunday was the Cambridge Yulefest 5K. This was really cool because I only heard about and signed up for this race because of a Twitter shout out. Dani, a really cool tweeter who’s always tweeting about different and fun ways to be active and healthy, posted that she was looking to fill the last couple spots on her team for the race. I figured why not, and without knowing much else besides the date, said most definitely count me in. The team was the Slumbrew Humbugs, which is instantly cool since it was a brewery’s team (representing the Somerville brewing company—who’s beer by the way, is fantastic) Everyone on the team was really awesome and welcoming to me with the Hi-I-know-nobody-here look I’m sure I was wearing.

So mini race recap:

-Weather: Freezing and cloudy

-Course: Started in Harvard Square. Loop, relatively flat with a couple hills thrown in

-Hangover: Slightly present thanks to a late night with too much red wine

-Other runners: Awesomely decked out in holiday swag from Santa hats to full on Reindeer gear. There was even a marching band that ran together, playing instruments and singing Christmas carols the whole way.

-My run: Finished in 22:43. Was only going to run this as a fun run then felt OK so tried to push out a PR halfway through. No PR, but was the top female finisher on my team so that was cool!!

28 seconds slower than 5k PR on Turkey day. But still such a fun run!

28 seconds slower than 5k PR on Turkey day. But still such a fun run!

Awesome race. Bonus: Cousin Eddie was on my team!

Awesome race. Bonus: Cousin Eddie was on my team!

Post race was all you could drink beer in a heated beer tent. Needless to say it got packed pretty quick (beer is the reason 99.9% of runners run…trust me, there was a poll). I stayed for one since I needed to try the Slumbrew booze—I tried the Happy Sol which was awesome. Even more awesome? Just for running on their team, I got to take home a giant bottle of it! Moral of this racing story: Thanks to Twitter and Blogs meeting people from the Internet is not as creepy as it sounds. In fact, it can introduce you to a whole lot of cool people!

Team Slumbrew Humbugs!

Team Slumbrew Humbugs! (Team Photo credit goes to Dani, team captain)


I want to know: Are you more of an Elf or Grinch this time of year? How are you staying active over the holidays? Have you ever met up with internet friends?

Eat Happy, Run Happy

Wow, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve last blogged. Since then we’ve had Halloween, a snowstorm, and a presidential election! Don’t worry I’m not getting political on you—more important things, Halloween workouts! A CrossFit Halloween workout is exactly how it sounds—spooktacular.

Costume Encouraged WOD @ CrossFit. Teamed up with Christine to tackle this one.


CrossFitting Tinker Bell

Buy in for WOD, bobbing for apples. Option to run 400m if you were not a successful bobber…..

…well after a few tries, 400 it is!

I was good this Halloween; I didn’t have one piece of Halloween candy. I think this is the first Halloween in my lifetime that has happened. Now, before you go patting me on the back, this doesn’t mean I went all chocolate free or anything. Quite the opposite. While I was almost a perfect Paleo follower, last week was a chocolate chip fest for some reason. I somehow justified it because I was putting chocolate chips in almond butter and dipping apple slices in it (that makes it healthy right?….no—so wrong). Anyways, all that time I was getting chocolate-wastedddd (yes, I just made a “Grown Ups” reference) I was feeling more “blahhh I just want to nap” than “Hoorah lets go workout and attack the day!” I still got out there to run and WOD but wasn’t feeling the usual fantastic endorphin rush. While a beautiful surprise floral delivery to my office definitely brightened my day, I still wanted to nap.

Someone’s campaigning for husband of the year… 🙂

So Saturday I started with the right mind set—and meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know!

My staple breakfast: Egg whites & hot sauce, fruit, turkey bacon, coffee, and water. Not gourmet, but oh so good.

Saturday was an awesome day of sweating. The weather was gorgeous. Started out at CrossFit and a great team workout with Jill and Hannah. Then stayed for 45min of mobility. Then headed to Brighton for a run date with Jess. We set out for a lovely 5 miler around the reservoir and through Chestnut Hill. It felt more like early September outside instead of mid-November. No complaints here!

Sunday was an unintentional rest day as it was full of exciting things like laundry, grocery shopping, brunching, and football. So I woke up Monday feeling refreshed and ready to go. I laced up the Brooks and hit the pavement by 5:30. I didn’t have a route planned but I DID have a new playlist. So I just went and rocked out. I was planning on around 6 miles. I got to the first bridge over the Charles and the sun was just trying to make an appearance.

Gooood Morning Cambridge!

I was feeling good so I figured I would run for a while along the river. Well, combination of running on rested legs and the unseasonably warm temps got me caught up in the run and before I knew it I was 5 miles away and realized I still needed to run home. Woops. It didn’t help that I was supposed to be home well before 7am so Mr.-Born-to-Run could use my AAA card to get his car towed to fix the battery. All of these factors resulted in a very fast 5.5 miles home (yay negative splits!)

Wouldn’t you want to get up at 5am for this view??

So my planned 6 miler turned into a 10.8 miler. A Monday morning long run, dropping Ryan at the car dealership, and still making it to work by 9? Yep, I’d call that a successful start to the week.

Moral of the story, my body performs better when I don’t have dark chocolate running through my veins (no matter how strong our love is) and I am at my best in the morning, and need to plan to get back into my 5am wakeup call routine.

Do you have any nutrition vices? What’s your favorite time of day to work out? What were you for Halloween? I wanna know! 

Friday Favorites

Here’s a few things this week that have qualified as Friday Favorite worthy… This website has become my new favorite recipe website. It’s essentially a site where anyone can share their Paleo recipes. I’m not exactly known for my skills in the kitchen (that’s Mr. Born-to-Run’s area of expertise!) BUT when I find something that sounds manageable, seasonal, and delicious I get excited and go all Rachel Ray. So Tuesday night I made this Farmers Market Chicken and it was pretty freakin awesome. Definitely bookmarking this bad boy.

Farmers Market Chicken– AMAZING!

Fall Weather. Like I said in my earlier post , I have welcomed fall weather with open arms this year. It has been ideal running weather lately and has actually felt like fall (as opposed to last year where we had summer and then “Happy Halloween, here’s 8 feet of snow!”) Plus my utility bills are appreciating this in-between state where neither the AC or heat is needed—Bonus!

“Routine”. Since the marathon, I’ve been able to get back into what was my normal routine.  I’m going out for runs with no plan just to run for fun. Not that training isn’t fun—sometimes it’s just nice to step out the door and go without having a mileage or pace number to hit. I also am back at CrossFit 3x/wk. I was starting to fall into a 2x/wk habit the last few weeks to fit in some final mileage. Speaking of CrossFit…

CrossFit H2O. I love it here. Where else can you go to lift heavy things AND have dance parties AND play dodgeball all before 7am? Nowhere else I can think of. Even though I’ll be in Boston Marathon training soon enough, the next couple of months I really want to focus on getting stronger. I noticed  how much it helped improve my running since starting (umm hello 18+min marathon PR!) and want to keep it going!

Chocolate. Yes, the paleo gods are gasping right now. Since the end of the Paleo Challenge in September I’ve been sticking to eating Paleo for the most part. But I recently discovered “Enjoy Life” chocolate chips which are dairy, nut, and soy free (so of course they are healthy, RIGHT?) Almost every night this week I’ve had dessert of apple slices dipped in a mixture of almond butter and those “healthy” chocolate chips. Well let’s face it, chocolate is chocolate. I don’t feel guilty about eating it, but do realize that for me chocolate and portion control have never lived in the same school of thought. Moral of this story: I am the poster child for people in need of single serving packages.

Steve’s Original Pumpkin Spice KRUNCH bar. This time of year, anything Pumpkin is pretty great. But these babies are the best! I tend to need something to hold me over between lunch and the end of the work day so I don’t completely fade out. These are those perfect only-a-few-REAL-ingredients type bars that are Paleo friendly, SOOO delicious and the proceeds go to an awesome cause .

Your turn! What are some of your favorite things of this week? Or that you’re looking forward to this weekend? Anyone else share an addiction to chocolate?? 

Post Marathon: Coming off the runners high

It has been almost a full week since the marathon and dare I say I am feeling awesome?! Don’t want to jinx anything, but I only had muscle soreness/minor hip flexor pain for a couple days.

I did however fall into an “I’m taking a few necessary rest days so OBVIOUSLY frozen yogurt with lots of chocolate should be on the menu”—it was only twice but I made both times count. Cookies N’ Cream frozen yogurt is considered Paleo, right?? Thanks Stephanie for introducing me into an evil world of chocolatey goodness.

By Tuesday I was feeling lazy and bit down, like I had come off a marathon “high”. I had big plans to run after work but then the dog was sick. And it started to rain a bit. And then the sun went down. So I skipped it. (Ahhh what are these excuses??? Katie who are you??)

Wednesday was a new day. I was determined. Plus I was starting to think “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. So even though I was feeling tired and a little unmotivated by the end of the work day (which is why I love 5am wakeup runs!) I grabbed some coffee and dragged myself down to the gym at work. Once I laced up my sneakers, I instantly felt better. It’s amazing how just putting on your workout gear can get you in the right mindset. I went and ran 2.5 miles, did a mini CrossFit WOD, then ran another 1.5 miles. It was nothing crazy, long, or speedy but it felt fantastic. So fantastic that I couldn’t wait to do it again! So Thursday on my lunch break (awesome benefit to having a gym and locker rooms w/showers at work!) I went and ran another 4 miles. Lunchtime running is the best solution for the afternoon slump. For some reason Thursday I was feeling pretty great (either leftover endorphins from Wednesday or trying to make up for a lazy Sunday-Tuesday). Since last week was marathon mode, I hadn’t been to CrossFit since last Wednesday so I was itching to be back. So Thursday after work I ran to CrossFit(1.25mi), did a really fun WOD, and ran home (1.25mi). Yesterday was awesome. So awesome that I was back there again at 6am this morning (are you noticing a pattern here?)

10.18.12 WOD

10.19.12 WOD


Moral of the story: It feels good to be back into my routine.

What do you do to motivate yourself out the door? Do you ever fall into a funk when you break routine? Does it cause you to eat your body weight in chocolate? Happy Friday Everyone!