About Katie

Hi, my name is Katie and it wasn’t until the Fall of 2009 that I knew I was “Born to Run”.

Me and my brother, Dan, after my first 5K

My dad was a runner for as long as I can remember (before there was “therma-wear” and driFit my Dad had mastered the “sock gloves” and was sporting layers way before it was trendy). My sister started running with him as we got older, I didn’t join the running party until after college.I had gotten into running, a mix of the tredmill at the gym and occassionally outside (usually 2-4 miles) in 2008 mostly just to get in shape and counteract my love of ice cream.

I had heard of this local 5K that was going on so I signed up 2 weeks before the race, showed up, and hoped for the best (notice the word training wasn’t mentioned…) It wasn’t the perfect race– typical rookie mistake I went out and tried to keep up with a friend (thanks Jason 🙂 who was much faster and thought I was going to die at mile 2. But the feeling of sprinting over the finish line was FANTASTIC. So that’s where it started.

If there could be a thought bubble over this finish photo it would be “Almost dead, but wow that was AWESOME”

So then after a few more 5K’s, I thought, “Yes if I can run 3.1 miles OF COURSE I can run 13.1” So I roped my sister into it and ran it we did..multiple times.

Myself and my sister, Chrissy, after our first half marathon in June 2010 

Chrissy, Me, and Dan after the 2011 Worcester Half Marathon

Mile 13 at the Harwich Cranberry Fest Half Marathon

After a few half marathons, the tables turned, and Chrissy said “If we can run 13.1 miles, of course we can run 26.2 miles”. And somehow we convinced my Dad he could too. We decided if we were going to do something this wild, why not do it in the happiest place on earth? So we headed to Disney.

Peter Pan and two Tinker Bells after 26.2 Magical Miles

And then I took every running website and twitter advice and signed up for another race so as not to get the dreaded “post marathon blues”

Cleveland Marathon 2012

To date, I’ve run 4 Marathons, 5 half marathons, 2 10K’s, and too many 5k’s to count. I’ve learned a lot along the way around training and still have a lot to learn. For a second year in a row, I’ve been accepted to the Boston Bruins Foundation’s Boston Marathon team for the 2014 Boston Marathon. I am so excited to raise money for an awesome organization and to run again with an amazing team. CLICK HERE to support my fundraising efforts!

On a personal note, I am married to my best friend and am the proud puppy-parent to the most adorable boxer Bailey. My favorite things include spending time with my family and friends, running, CrossFit, Bruce Springsteen (hence “Born to Run”), chocolate, Glee, the Biggest Loser, roasted brussels sprouts, red wine, the beach, new playlists, waterskiing, kayaking, movie nights (especially with Chrissy, who doesn’t mind if I recite all the words and songs), my Brooks PureConnects, Starbucks unsweetened Iced Green Tea, and Green Mountain Chocolate covered potato chips. Random? A bit.

How do you know the husband supports the running addiction? HELLO 4am on race day!

Bailey loves smiling

I hope you enjoy reading about my training ups and downs, my cross training adventures (heads up, I LOVE CrossFit and working out at CrossFit H2O), and anything else in between.


One thought on “About Katie

  1. You are an animal! I love that you just hopped into the racing game! My first race was a 10 miler, that was fun… After my half though I never got the urge to do a full, congrats on all your runs!

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