New kind of training plan…

So this blog has been radio silent for a while. Between a less than stellar Boston Marathon performance and a busy summer, this blog dropped to rock bottom of the priority list. However, lately I’ve been looking for ways to up the motivation and I remembered “Oh wait, when I wrote about training I had that mental push to actually get out the door and DO IT.” So here we are!

Oh yea, there is one more minor detail that derailed “training” for a while. I’m 24 weeks into the training plan of a lifetime– Baby-Born-to-Run is expected March 2015! We are beyond thrilled. I’m fully expecting a future marathoner. Ryan is thinking he’ll be a future rugger. Although I think the past couple weeks he’s been training to be a ninja instead.


I can’t even begin to describe the physical and mental effects that have influenced running over the past 6 months. I would say the hardest parts have been the first trimester exhaustion, where days seemed to blend together of sleep, work, sleep, eat, sleep (pattern…), and the sudden and immediate disappearance of my endurance. Even after I got some energy back, stoplights were a blessing to find my breathe again and running more than 4-5 miles seemed impossible.

There has been a silver lining when it comes to running. After over two and a half years of marathon training and 5 marathons, some half marathons, etc I was forced to stop focusing on pace, splits, and weekend long runs and start focusing on “just getting out there and moving”. This is still a struggle even at 24 weeks, but I’ve actually welcomed the forced rest and less regimented schedule.

Hopefully the next 16 weeks will be full of “just getting out there and moving” activity– I’ve still been doing CrossFit and hoping to get a prenatal yoga routine in the mix. So while this “Born to Run” blog won’t be all hard core training stories and PR excitement, I expect it will show a new, different, and probably awkward side to the born-to-run lifestyle.

Still box jumping at 17 weeks :)

Still box jumping at 17 weeks 🙂

Now I want to know….What are you currently training for? Ladies, if you worked out while preggo, what was your routine? 


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