The Calm Before The Storm

I’ve said this a lot today, but I will say (ok, type) it again. I’m nervous that I’m not nervous yet. I mean, this is BOSTON we’re talking about. The oldest, most hyped up marathon in the world. And I’m walking around feeling pretty calm…nope, this is not normal. I think I would feel more confident about Monday if I WAS nervous!

The taper is always the hardest part I think because after months of racking up the mileage you are all of the sudden supposed to pull in the reins and take it down a notch. This week was especially hard mentally, as I forced myself to take TWO rest days (I know, I had trouble swallowing that one too).

Sunday was awesome, I ran in a 5k put on by Jess, who is running Boston on Monday too  for the Liver Foundation. I should have known that it would be hilly, it was in Newton for god’s sake (news flash, heartbreak hill town has hills!) I wasn’t totally prepared for it but I pushed pretty hard throughout the race. What really gave me the last .75-.5 mile surge was a woman, who as I came up on her left, said “No way am I letting another GIRL pass me!” I thanked her later for that. I don’t think she took it as a compliment. Either way, it helped me earn first place in my age group, and second female to cross the finish! First time that’s ever happened. I didn’t PR but it was still a great run.


Monday’s sunrise run was the last “Long”-ish run before the marathon. I add the -ish because when you’re long runs have been 16-20 miles, it seems silly to be calling 8 long. But it was a nice relief actually to only have to cover 8.

Favorite running route

Favorite running route– crazy how much a 3 hour difference can make between barren and overpopulated!

Love my river runs

Love my river runs

Tuesday was Rest day and Wednesday was CrossFit day. Wednesday night was the last Boston Bruins Foundation meet up and shopping fun at the South End Athletic Company where we got some pretty sweet  gear. They really take care of their team!

Bruins gear

Thursday I got in an easy 5 miles and today was a whole hour dedicated to mobility and foam rolling (went to CrossFit to do this since I really wanted to get this in and most attempts to do this in my living room result in Bailey thinking “YES playtime!”)

Then I got into work today to find that the best coworkers had done this!!


And I got to practice winning too. Seriously Kara and Shalane, watch out, I’m in it to win it.

Might as well just award me the prize money now.

Might as well just award me the prize money now.

Now I’m off to the expo “quick” to grab my number and a jacket (I say quick– check back with me in 4 hours to make sure I’m not drowning in headbands and tshirts and free lara bar samples). Tomorrow I have an easy 3 miles planned with one of my favorite running partners before we go (again) to the expo to take in all things running and running gear and running energy (yes, runners have an “energy”. Sounds very zen).

Stay tuned this weekend for more updates from Boston Marathon land!


As always, I want you to share! Are you following the Boston marathon this year? Are you running a spring race?? Give me some tips, I love advice!!


3 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

  1. Myself Lisa and Mary Ann all hope you do amazing well be watching for you here in south carolina!! Good luck KC!!!!

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