Back in January I had the pleasure of meeting some of the wicked cool people (note the wicked—this is Boston people) who are crazy like me and also running the Boston marathon in support of the Boston Bruins Foundation. Erin, the manager of the foundation, was chatting with us about fundraising ideas and mentioned that if we were interested she knew of a few Zumba instructors who were willing to donate their time to host a Zumbathon. Ok—first two thoughts were:

  1. A Mara-thon implies running for a long time. So does this means we would be Zumba-ing (real word?) for a long time?
  2. Does this mean I need to find out what Zumba is?

So it was comforting to find out that Shannon, another Bruins foundation runner, had also never done Zumba but she was more than willing to make a fool out of herself with me if I was up for it. And so next Saturday, we are Zumba-ing…for a long time. Dare I say I’m actually pretty excited about it? I may or may not have googled zumba tips to prep (see some here http://www.livestrong.com/article/68322-beginning-zumba-tips/)

I imagine this being what I'm in for...

I imagine this being what I’m in for…


We are so lucky to have Boston’s own Ali Baldassare (you can check out her website here alibaldassare.com) helping us out. If you live in the Boston area and either A) Love Zumba, B) Would love to help out a terrific cause, and/or C)Would love to watch me make a spastic and uncoordinated attempt at Zumba,  tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. You can see all the details (time, place, etc.) and buy your ticket in advance by clicking HERE and choose your ticket next to the person you know (there are 3 of us hosting this great event—if you’re reading my blog I’m going to take a wild guess and say you know me somehow, even if just through the lovely world wide web). If you can’t make it or don’t live around here, you can still donate to support my goal for the Boston marathon by clicking HERE

I really hope you can make it. Even if I’m 17 steps behind everyone else or look like I’m doing the Carlton at least I’ll know I’m in good company (and supporting a great cause).

Thank you Emily, at least I know I won't be alone :)

Thank you Emily, at least I know I won’t be alone 🙂


I WANT TO KNOW: Have you ever done Zumba? If so, is Neon required? If not, are you as confused by it as I seem to be? 🙂


Finding Sidewalks after Finding Nemo

So Nemo happened. On Thursday night everyone and their brother seemed to be having a panic attack. Most of the world’s panic stemmed from figuring out how to ration their 17 loaves of bread to last until Sunday. Would 8 RedBox movies be enough (true story, I saw that happen)? How can they be out of Cheetos?!?

milk and bread outage

Mine was more DPW focused. How fast would the plows get out on the roads? Would local businesses adhere to the 6hr rule and shovel their sidewalks? Should I get a Boston Sports Club membership for a day just in case of a treadmill emergency?

To help ease some of this anxiety, I headed to CrossFit on Friday morning for the 6am party. At least if Nemo swallowed all the roads up over the next 36 hours I would have gotten some quality back squatting in. The plan was also to get in 4-6 miles around lunch time before the snow really started to come down, but after a good 1:1 with Coach B that morning, I decided not to beat up my body out of a fear of what if it snows and the roads disappear forever.

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

I had already planned on pushing out the usual Saturday long run to Sunday since my dependable weathermen from Channel 7 said that venturing outside was not a smart decision. So Saturday was spent sleeping in (til 8am!!), baking unhealthy things (just because I happened to have the ingredients), snow shoveling out our cars, and having a few beers to celebrate all our serious hard work..

So it snowed?

So it snowed?

Snow Forts! Memories! Can I play?

Snow Forts! Memories! Can I play?

Shoveling rewards nicely

Shoveling rewards nicely

From seeing what the roads looked like on the news (because during a snow storm there is news coverage ALL. Day. Long.) and from what I could see right around our apartment on Saturday, I knew Sunday’s planned mileage probably wasn’t going to happen.  I wanted to get in 17. I decided to just shoot for 10. Seeing as though I had no clue what the rest of the city really looked like I decided when I ventured out down my what seemed to be unplowed street, I would do at least 6 and see how it goes from there.

Well, I’m surprised I didn’t throw in the towel after the first mile. I headed up to Broadway and there were zero sidewalks. None. And the street was slush. Awesome.

At mile .5 I took a left and in an attempt to get onto the makeshift sidewalk, I slipped and fell. Nothing serious, I bounced right back up, but it was enough to mess with my head for a bit.

At around mile 3 there was a group of runners all finishing up at the Tufts gym and some had BAA jackets on. Head, thank you for returning to the game. Knowing there were other Boston bound or Boston been-theres out running in this mess was enough to help me make a mental comeback.

From there it was a decent run. Sidewalks were few and far between. However, anyone getting anywhere this morning was walking in the street and the cars that were out were going slowly due to the amount of foot traffic in the streets. A majority of the run felt like I was in a winter wonderland obstacle course, with most sidewalks being treated like an agility ladder to keep my footing and the leaps necessary to get over the slush oceans separating the crosswalk from the curb. But it was also fun to be able to see the aftermath of the storm in all different parts of the city.

Oh Mass Ave, you haven't met my friend The Plow? Awesome.

Oh Mass Ave, you haven’t met my friend The Plow? Awesome.

Davis Square looking nice and clear (and completely blocked off to any thru traffic which made my life a million times easier :)

Davis Square looking nice and clear (and completely blocked off to any thru traffic which made my life a million times easier 🙂

Final mile down a side street that seemed to just be waking up to discover it snowed..

Final mile down a side street that seemed to just be waking up to discover it snowed..

In the end, I got in 10 up and down miles. They were by no means pretty but it felt good to be outside moving. It helped that the sun was shining and temps had increased about 15 degrees since the overnight 7 degrees we were holding down.

Now you go: What do you do when the weather interferes with your workout? Did you also have to deal with Nemo? Anyone break out the board games?