To run or not to run?

I’m entering week 5 of official marathon training. Despite the usual hectic schedule, I’ve been getting my weekend long runs in (which is relatively easy this early in the game..) This weekend’s plan was 10 miles, a little scale back from last weekend’s 12 miler. Well Mr. Born To Run has had some kind of bad flu-like thing for the last 4 days so yesterday we called in lazy. It felt good to lay around and watch movies and do nothing for a change. That being said, I had big plans for Sunday morning.

Sunday PLAN:

6am: ALARM ALARM ALARM (wake up)

6:05 Get geared up for run

6:15 take dog for walk

6:30 drink coffee

6:45 mini warmup session with some lunges, squats, news watching

7am Hit the Road for a beautifully mapped out 10 miles

The weather forecast was even saying “YES, I’m perfect for running in today!!”

52deg in January?? Run Run RUN!

52deg in January?? Run Run RUN!

Well 6am came this morning and things changed a bit. My nose was running, I was breathing heavy, and my eyes were throbbing in their sockets. What the hell?? I thought “Ok, lets go back to sleep for a little bit, maybe in an hour things will be completely different.”

Well that evil hour had other ideas and things stayed status quo. I said to Ryan that I still think I might go out and run. He looked at me like I had just proposed a swim in the ocean. After days of telling him that he needed to rest to get better and now suggesting the opposite prescription for myself, he thought I was being slightly hypocritical. So here I am, on the couch, dreaming of lacing of my Brooks and having the fresh air cure this annoying cold thing that won’t give (ok so I may be being slightly dramatic, it’s only been a few hours).

Just wanted to run this today!

Just wanted to run this today!


Nurse Bailey

Nurse Bailey

SO– I need your advice. I still feel like a run would help. What do you do when you’re feeling under the weather? Exercise to help flush it out? Rest and medicate? 


3 thoughts on “To run or not to run?

  1. I am loving this warmer weather!! I typically run a day or 2 into being sick and “flush out”. On my run today I was actually so proud of myself for only spitting 2x, I was sick at the end of Dec so I still have residual garbage in my chest!

    • 50degrees at 5am today! I wish I was feeling 100%, I could have run forever in that weather. Ran 4.5 in a “sweat it out” attempt”…not sure if that was a good or bad thing, still feel like garbage. Taking it easy and fingers crossed it goes away fast. Hope yours flushes out soon, I hear spitting on runs help 🙂

      • I’m a spitting monster. I particularly enjoy spitting when men honk from their trucks, it’s one of those “oh you think I’m cute, watch this!”

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