A Tale of Two Winter Morning Runs…

Happy Post-Thanksgiving week! Is everyone else still in a food coma? In typical Katie fashion I ate normal portions of good things until the dessert showed up and it was oh sure I’ll have a cookie…you know the drill, one thing lead to another and I ended up leaving NY on Saturday in a sugar induced coma.

Bailey was Thanksgiving’d out too…

Good news is I got some running in over the holiday! First was the Thanksgiving day 5K in Schenectady’s Central Park where I joined Joe, Andrew, and 1700 other thankful people for a brisk 3.1 run. I was feeling surprisingly good even though I knew absolutely nothing about this race except that it was going to help me justify Thanksgiving dessert. No clue about the course’s route, elevation, etc. or even what the weather was supposed to be like (clearly, since Joe graciously gave me his gloves to run in since my bare fingers had turned blue). The course turned out to be a figure-eight type loop with rolling hills and the weather was nice in the sun and freezing in the shade. I definitely pushed every step of this run and was able to squeeze a PR out of it! I beat my October 5k race PR by 5 whole seconds!

PR! (what, you don’t keep track of all your races in an excel spreadsheet??)

Joe, Me, and Andrew Post Turkey-Trot

Saturday’s run was even more scenic than a run in the park. Ryan’s parents basically live at the top of a mountain so even though it means killer hill work, it also means the greatest running views.

How could you pass up a run with views like these??

It also means be prepared for National Geographic like encounters at all times. At mile 2 of this run I legit almost got run over by a reindeer. OK, maybe it was just a regular deer. But it was a HUGE deer. I stopped so short and almost screamed. The deer jumped right out of some bushes in front of me, hopped across the street (yes, deer hop like bunny rabbits), and into a field. I tried to get a pic but my gloves (Joe sorry those gloves are officially mine, I will get you more for Christmas 🙂 ) and iPhone don’t work well together.  Lesson learned, always have one ear bud out when running outdoors to listen for things like cars, people, WILD ANIMALS.

Now if that vacation running wasn’t exciting enough, I got to meet this cutie pie before we headed back to Boston.

Ryan’s friend’s 8wk old english bull dog, Halo. I almost took her home in my purse, but then realized they might miss her. I know, nothing to do with running BUT ISN’T SHE SO CUTE?!?!

Bailey’s trying to figure out WHY her mom is holding this thing..

Since the Thanksgiving holiday left me feeling slightly lethargic and sugar-soaked I was determined to start the week off sweating. So even though the forecast was 28 degrees with 15-20mph winds, I suited up in my winter wear and hit the road. 5AM is a very cold, dark place in November. And on windy days it is that much less enjoyable. After 5 miles I was happy I sucked it up and got out there, but I also had no feeling in my body.

Fast forward to this morning. I was determined to keep it going. Again, temps were forecasted in the 28-32degree range so I Underarmoured and earmuffed it up. I stepped outside and it felt surprisingly comfortable. Difference? Almost zero wind. I set out to cover similar mileage as yesterday and enjoyed every minute. Don’t get me wrong, it was still pretty chilly. But not having to bow your head into the wind just to move forward and still having some feeling in your extremities makes the world of difference.

I guess that’s one thing that makes New England runners special. Even though our weather is moodier than me on a day without running, we still suck it up and get out there regardless. So happy winter running season!

ONE LAST THING! According to this article it’s “Giving Tuesday” today, the unofficial holiday to be generous and earn back some good karma after spending ridiculous amounts on TV’s and iPads and tickle-me-Elmos (ok, maybe that phase has passed) between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Either way, if you’re looking to give back in some way today, please consider donating to the Boston Bruins Foundation through my marathon fundraising. CLICK HERE to donate. An enormous THANK YOU to all of my family and friends who have already shown their support.

Now you go. How was your Thanksgiving?? Did you have retail rage on Black Friday? What’s your favorite way to sweat during the Winter months? 


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Winter Morning Runs…

  1. Good job on the PR!! I was on Conesus Lake in upstate NY for the holidays and had a day of running in short sleeves and a day with ear muffs and under armor. A Thursday and Saturday… I don’t miss the weather up that at all!!

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