Eat Happy, Run Happy

Wow, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve last blogged. Since then we’ve had Halloween, a snowstorm, and a presidential election! Don’t worry I’m not getting political on you—more important things, Halloween workouts! A CrossFit Halloween workout is exactly how it sounds—spooktacular.

Costume Encouraged WOD @ CrossFit. Teamed up with Christine to tackle this one.


CrossFitting Tinker Bell

Buy in for WOD, bobbing for apples. Option to run 400m if you were not a successful bobber…..

…well after a few tries, 400 it is!

I was good this Halloween; I didn’t have one piece of Halloween candy. I think this is the first Halloween in my lifetime that has happened. Now, before you go patting me on the back, this doesn’t mean I went all chocolate free or anything. Quite the opposite. While I was almost a perfect Paleo follower, last week was a chocolate chip fest for some reason. I somehow justified it because I was putting chocolate chips in almond butter and dipping apple slices in it (that makes it healthy right?….no—so wrong). Anyways, all that time I was getting chocolate-wastedddd (yes, I just made a “Grown Ups” reference) I was feeling more “blahhh I just want to nap” than “Hoorah lets go workout and attack the day!” I still got out there to run and WOD but wasn’t feeling the usual fantastic endorphin rush. While a beautiful surprise floral delivery to my office definitely brightened my day, I still wanted to nap.

Someone’s campaigning for husband of the year… 🙂

So Saturday I started with the right mind set—and meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know!

My staple breakfast: Egg whites & hot sauce, fruit, turkey bacon, coffee, and water. Not gourmet, but oh so good.

Saturday was an awesome day of sweating. The weather was gorgeous. Started out at CrossFit and a great team workout with Jill and Hannah. Then stayed for 45min of mobility. Then headed to Brighton for a run date with Jess. We set out for a lovely 5 miler around the reservoir and through Chestnut Hill. It felt more like early September outside instead of mid-November. No complaints here!

Sunday was an unintentional rest day as it was full of exciting things like laundry, grocery shopping, brunching, and football. So I woke up Monday feeling refreshed and ready to go. I laced up the Brooks and hit the pavement by 5:30. I didn’t have a route planned but I DID have a new playlist. So I just went and rocked out. I was planning on around 6 miles. I got to the first bridge over the Charles and the sun was just trying to make an appearance.

Gooood Morning Cambridge!

I was feeling good so I figured I would run for a while along the river. Well, combination of running on rested legs and the unseasonably warm temps got me caught up in the run and before I knew it I was 5 miles away and realized I still needed to run home. Woops. It didn’t help that I was supposed to be home well before 7am so Mr.-Born-to-Run could use my AAA card to get his car towed to fix the battery. All of these factors resulted in a very fast 5.5 miles home (yay negative splits!)

Wouldn’t you want to get up at 5am for this view??

So my planned 6 miler turned into a 10.8 miler. A Monday morning long run, dropping Ryan at the car dealership, and still making it to work by 9? Yep, I’d call that a successful start to the week.

Moral of the story, my body performs better when I don’t have dark chocolate running through my veins (no matter how strong our love is) and I am at my best in the morning, and need to plan to get back into my 5am wakeup call routine.

Do you have any nutrition vices? What’s your favorite time of day to work out? What were you for Halloween? I wanna know! 


5 thoughts on “Eat Happy, Run Happy

  1. Nice run! I wish I accidently could run 10 miles, I did that once and ended up with 8 but I was a sad girl running back home. Love your crossfit outfit too, welcome back to blog land!

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