Storm Prep Checklist: Water, Food, Rum?

First things first: To all my family and friends in the NJ and NYC area, I’m sending lots of happy thoughts your way (in hopes that drains the floods and turns your power back on…)

Praying for Nana’s house on LBI!! (Don’t worry she’s not in it!)


To be honest, when Sandy first showed signs that she was headed our way I, like most New Englanders I’m sure, thought “OK, a few days of rain and wind, woohoo, no big deal”. Now, maybe after Irene and Happy-Halloween-Snowstorm from last year should have taught me to go ahead and put more faith in Pete Bouchard and co. that they’ve got this one right. But as she continued to stay on track, Mr. Born-to-Run and I realized that maybe we should head to the store and get some essentials. For us, essentials really just meant normal food shopping since all we had in our kitchen was some of Ry’s homemade Chex Mix and a few rogue apples. Well apparently every person in the Greater Boston area had the same idea as us…

Mad rush for the bottled water..

It was slightly chaotic but also slightly humorous to see the way some people were shopping—Do you REALLY need 8 cases of water? And you do realize if your power goes out, all those gallons of milk are going bad? We were slightly wiser on what a Sunday before a hurricane required…

I feel safer already

And what’s a pre hurricane day without some Paleo Pumpkin muffins ??? I’ve never made paleo “baked goods” before, partially because I needed to invest in ingredients that I don’t normally have like almond flour, so this was experimental. And because I have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate I figured why not make half with mini “Enjoy Life” chocolate chips? The result was epic. So epic that there are none left. To answer the question you’re probably thinking, Yes I did feel sick after eating so many in such a short time.

These need to be rationed next time…

After a day that was full of hurricane prepping (OK, who are we kidding, it was filled with 1 hour of hurricane prepping, the rest was filled with football watching and laying on the couch), I realized that a run was unlikely the next day or two and I better get out there now if I wanted to get one in. So I laced up the sneaks and went out in the rain (yes it was already getting “Sandy” out). Due to the weather, I brought zero music, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You get so much more sightseeing and people watching in when you’re not having a dance party in your head. I got in 5 average paced miles and was happy.

Monday was a work-from-home day. Like most offices in New England, mine was closed due to the State of Emergency. Good thing I have a good stay-at-home coworker.

On Hurricane Watch duty..

Now, naturally you would think OK working from home due to a hurricane, maybe you should stay inside. And I considered that. Until about lunchtime. It hadn’t started raining yet, was just a little windy from what I could tell from the inside of my warm condo. So before I sunk into an afternoon with my laptop and hard-working coworker Bailey, I threw on my sneakers and ran to the park for some quick speed work.  Don’t worry, I looked around first to be sure there were no tree limbs or low lying power lines in sight. I figured I would just do 10x 100yrds sprint/100yrds recovery jog. Well it sure makes things interesting when you’re “sprint” is into a headwind of 1,000mph (well that’s what it felt like). So I did 5 into the wind and then the other 5 sprinting with the wind. And since I had a gut feeling that CrossFit was not going to be open for evening classes I figured I’d do mini workout from the Travel WOD page: 4 rounds for time of 10 push-ups  20 sit-ups, 30 air squats. Let me just say that doing this solo was HARD and I’m glad that they are back open today for some group motivation! BUT it was fun, quick, and just what I needed to get some afternoon energy.

While I did that, my hurricane day coworker was also productive—she moved from the chair to the couch. Big things.

Doing some serious WORK.. oh the life.

What did YOU do to prep for the hurricane? Did you lose power? Any running or workout adventures? I wanna know! 


3 thoughts on “Storm Prep Checklist: Water, Food, Rum?

  1. The muffins look delicious! I am the same with the Paleo baking, I haven’t caved yet and bought almond or coconut flour. They have both been sitting in my amazon cart for a few weeks though! Baby steps…

    And way to go getting out in Sandy!

    • I only just discovered that Almond Flour and Almond Meal are almost the same exact thing so I just picked up some Almond Meal (and was pleasantly surprised that it was under $5 unlike many organic, grassfed, cagefree, etc. items at the grocery store!)

  2. YAY for beating the storm with your run!
    I’m on the opposite coast, but my Aunt and Uncle lost their Shore-house yesterday!
    I hoping the storm doesn’t hit you hard, but it looks like you’re prepared with delicious beverages and baked goods 🙂

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