Fall Running

As a New Englander, I love my four seasons. Yes I have my favorites, but I look forward to and enjoy the quarterly change. Growing up, summer was always my favorite. As a kid it meant vacation from school, poolside afternoons, days at the beach, trips for ice-cream, and late night games of man-hunt. Even as I got older, summer was still the “season of all seasons” (except instead of ice-cream and man-hunt it was cocktails on the patio and hunting for anywhere with outdoor dining—actually who am I kidding, ice-cream has always been a constant). In fact, I loved summer so much that every other season was spent looking forward to it.

Well becoming a runner has completely changed that. I am now a full-fledged super fan of spring and fall. In fact, my ideal day is high 50’s to high 60’s, 0% humidity, sunny skies, and a slight cool breeze. Anything less and you have to start piling on the layers. Anything more and you are sweating within the first 10 minutes.

Yesterday morning was one of those perfect fall days. I had stayed at my parents’ house the night before and was pretty excited for some hometown running. I was out the door at 8am, just as the really cold air was disappearing and the sun was starting to get higher. I wanted to go all out and keep up with double digit weekend mileage, but coming off marathon weekend last weekend I didn’t want to push it so I planned for an easy paced 6-7 miles. Even though I was running on around 5 hours of sleep, I had a ton of energy and was feeling awesome (thank you fall weather!) so I picked up the pace and ran about 30sec/mi faster than originally intended. I finished my 7.5mile jaunt of leaf peeping (trees are at their prime right now!) with a lovely runners high. What’s even better than that? A post run coffee and leg soak in the hot tub! 🙂

Thanks for the reminder, coffee mug, life IS good

I’m hoping this fall weather sticks around for a while— I’m not ready yet for the snow covered sidewalks, the arctic air, the gloves, the earmuffs, and all the layers that come with winter running.

Now you! How was your weekend? Any races or awesome runs? What’s YOUR favorite season?  Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!


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