Feeling Under the Weather? Run it out!

Yesterday I was not feeling great. Stuffy nose, zero energy, blah blah blah. I think the hubby has passed on to me whatever he was suffering through last week. Moral of this story is I ended up working from home aka spent the entire day working from my couch. I think I got up twice. Bailey made for a good coworker though.

Bailey was tired yesterday too

With it being marathon week and all, I am having that “am I ready?” anxiety. So of course with Monday having been a rest day, I felt the NEED to at least make a running attempt yesterday.

So 6pm comes along, I drag energy-less body off the couch and force myself to lace up my sneakers. I head out the door with no music, no route planned. I told myself, just start running, aim for a few miles. I don’t know if it was the cool fall air or my energy reserves from barely moving a muscle all day, but this run felt awesome. I felt like every step I took gave me more and more energy. Which looking back on my watch (yes I left the iPod at home, but I didn’t go completely stone-age!) my pace per mile got faster as the miles went on too.

Fast forward to 7pm and I am back home, feeling so much better with 6 pretty strong miles behind me. Now, probably not the smartest “week of marathon” training but it felt great and the rest of the week’s plan is it take it easy (Ok, CrossFit this morning doesn’t count…)

I still feel like I have some sort of bug but trying to hydrate like crazy and stay above it. 3 more days til Hartford!

10-13-12 Here I come!


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